WEBSITE – website where the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY is hosted, URL


USER – anyone accessing and using WEBSITE


PERSONAL DATA – any information directly or indirectly connected to a natural person (personal data subject)


PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA – any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) made with or without automation to PERSONAL DATA, including collecting, recording, systematization, keeping, refinement (updating, changing), extracting, transfer (disclosure, providing access), anonymization, blocking, deleting and destroying PERSONAL DATA


PERSONAL DATA CONFIDENTIALITY – requirement to prevent any disclosure of PERSONAL DATA without prior consent of personal data subject or specific legal rule that is obligatory for the ORGANIZATION or other persons/entities with access to PERSONAL DATA


ORGANIZATION – LITTLE BIG FAMILY, LLC registered under CALIFORNIA, USA, reg. num (EIN) 92-2367967


Cookies – small piece of data sent by a webserver and stored on a USER’s computer that is sent by a web-client or a web-browser to a webserver through HTTP-request every time a page on a website is accessed


IP-address – unique net address of a computer in a net using Internet Protocol.


1. General provisions.

1.1. Using the WEBSITE constitutes consent to the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY and terms of PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA.

1.2. If a USER does not give his consent to the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY and terms of PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA he or she shall immediately cease using the WEBSITE.

1.3. The CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY is only applicable to the WEBSITE and not to any other website, even if there are links to these on the WEBSITE.

2. The subject of the policy

2.1. The CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY describes obligations of ORGANIZATION in keeping confidentiality and protection of PERSONAL DATA supplied by a USER when placing an order.

2.2. PERSONAL DATA processed under the terms of the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY are supplied by a USER while registering or placing an order or are collected while using the WEBSITE and include the following data

2.2.1. Family name, first name, patronal name of a USER.

2.2.2. USER phone number.

2.2.3. E-mail address.

2.2.4. Delivery address.

2.3. PERSONAL DATA automatically collected while using the WEBSITE includes

2.3.1. IP address.

2.3.2. Cookies information.

2.3.3. Browser (web-client) information.

2.3.4. Time and date stamp.

2.3.5. List of accessed webpages.

2.3.6. USER activity on the WEBSITE.

2.3.7. Referrers.

2.4. The WEBSITE uses cookies and may use web-beacons to collect USER information and establishing a relation with a specific device or browser.

2.5. A USER shall know that he may block use of cookies in his or her web-browser but that may result in inaccessibility of some parts of the WEBSITE (those requiring authorization) or instability of certain WEBSITE’s functions.

2.6. A USER is solely responsible for providing truthful PERSONAL DATA. The ORGANIZATION cannot be held responsible in any event if a USER provided false information or data.

3. Purposes of collecting PERSONAL DATA

3.1. PERSONAL DATA may be used for following purposes:

3.1.1. USER identification (if registered on the WEBSITE) to allow placing an order or concluding distance sales agreement.

3.1.2. Providing services to a USER including any products or their delivery in accordance with agreements between a USER and the ORGANIZATION.

3.1.3. Providing access to personalized sections of the WEBSITE.

3.1.4. Connecting and messaging to a USER, including notification, requests on using the WEBSITE, services, products, as a reply to USER’s requests, promotional and marketing information.

3.1.5. Confirming fullness and truthfulness of information provided by a USER.

3.1.6. Creating an account if a USER has given his permission to do so.

3.1.7. Providing a USER with an effective support including client and tech support.

3.1.8. Providing a USER (based on his consent) information about special events and deals, price information, news, other information.

3.1.9. Promotional and marketing activities (if a USER has consented).

4. Processing PERSONAL DATA

4.1. PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA is not time limited for any legal method and way of processing including in informational personal data system with or without automation.

4.2. A USER gives his consent to allow transfer of his or her PERSONAL DATA to third parties that include mail and courier services, telecom carriers, owners and employees of self-pickup points for purposes of complying with a USER’s order, including delivery.

4.3. PERSONAL DATA may be disclosed to government and state officials if it’s required by law.

4.4. The ORGANIZATION takes reasonable measures to secure PERSONAL DATA and prevent illegal or random access, deletion, destruction,

5. Rights and obligations

5.1. Using the WEBSITE a USER confirms that he is a natural person having full capacity and has the right to give consent to processing PERSONAL DATA.

5.2. If a USER does not have a capacity to give consent to processing PERSONAL DATA he/she shall immediately cease using the WEBSITE till such a consent is given by his/her legal guardians or other appropriate authorities.

5.3. A USER is responsible for truthfulness of personal data provided by him

her and bears all the risks and damages associated with falsehoods in provided data.

5.4. Organization shall protect confidentiality of PERSONAL DATA except when disclosure is allowed by the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY or the law or is needed to provide services or products to a USER.

6. Responsibility

6.1. ORGANIZATION is responsible for all the damages incurred by a USER if such damages is a direct result of ORGANIZATION’s breach of the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY.

6.2. ORGANIZATION is not responsible for disclosure of confidential information if such information

6.2.1. Was publicly available before disclosure.

6.2.2. Was received from a third party before it was received from a USER.

6.2.3. Was disclosed by a USER or with his consent.

7. Dispute resolution

7.1. Parties will adhere to pretrial claims and notices to resolve any dispute. Time to reply to a received claim is 14 working days from the moment of receiving.

7.2. In case a dispute is not resolved without trial, parties shall resolve their dispute via courts of the USA.

8. Other.

8.1. The law of the USA is applicable to the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY. Other laws may be applicable.

8.2. Organization may change the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY at any time by publishing a new version on the WEBSITE. If a USER continues using the WEBSITE after such changes he gives consent to these changes, otherwise a USER shall stop using WEBSITE immediately.

8.3. At any moment a USER may withdraw his or her consent to PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA by sending a notification to the ORGANIZATION to California, 90036, Los Angeles, 6260 W 3rd Street, Apt 433 or [email protected]